What features are you hoping for in future diabetes meters?

On-line diabetes resources: meters – david mendosa: helping defeat, This web page brings together in one place descriptions of and links to only those web pages dealing with meters for diabetes management, but is linked to the 15.
New trends in diabetes technology | diabetes forecast magazine, I started the year with a black and white insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and blood glucose meter. now i’m wearing and using, in living color, the tandem.
A new number | diabetes forecast magazine, So, how’s your diabetes? one way to tell is by monitoring your blood glucose with a meter. by testing yourself when you wake up in the morning, and before and after.

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Issue 738 – android – i hope android will implement and support, Issue 738: i hope android will implement and support the usb host feature: 2835 people starred this issue. comments by non-members will not trigger notification.
American diabetes association home page – american diabetes, Enroll in the living with type 2 diabetes program. recently diagnosed? let us guide you during your first year..

Dario: turning your smartphone into a glucose meter : diabetesmine, Have you heard of dario, the new smartphone-compatible glucose meter that’s about to debut over in europe and will hopefully be heading for the u.s. market within.
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I held hope in my hands (the one were my daughter raises her hand, Moira mccarthy, jdrf volunteer & outreach speaker, shares her experience & advice on the highs & lows of raising a child with type 1 diabetes.