Statins Raise Diabetes Risk, Study Finds, But Experts Not Convinced

Statins and diabetesdiabetes self-management, Although it is clear from those numbers that statins provide no overwhelming heart-risk reduction or diabetes-risk increase to most people who take them, it is also.
January 27, 2015 – daily dose –, A new study by researchers at several universities has found that people with untreated high cholestrol in their 30s may have double the risk of heart disease by the.
How do artificial sweeteners raise your risk of diabetes?, Artificial sweeteners raise your risk of diabetes by altering your gut microbiome.

January 21, 2015 – daily dose, A new study has found that consuming one daily drink may protect against heart failure. the study was done by researchers at brigham and women’s hospital in boston.
Latest thinking on controversial statins, cholesterol and, Here is the critical issue from the saturday evening post article: “statins clearly decrease one’s chance” of having a heart attack or stroke, agrees.
Red yeast rice natural secret to lower cholesterol or, By dr. mercola. red yeast rice, a mainstay of chinese medicine since ancient times, is emerging in drug stores and vitamin shops as a natural tool to lower cholesterol..

... new moms doesn’t up risk of death, hospitalization of infants: study

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Cardiology – healio | cardiology – healio: medical news, Better outcomes sought for women with cvd. low plasma testosterone associated with cvd risk factors. more headlines ; emotions expressed on twitter may predict.
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