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Hand anatomy, pictures & diagram | body maps, The hand can be considered in four segments: fingers: digits that extend from the palm of the hand, the fingers make it possible palm: this is the bottom of the body of the hand. back (opisthenar): the back of the hand shows the dorsal venous network, a web of veins. wrist: the connection.
Hand – wikipedia, Areas of the human hand include: the palm (volar), which is the central region of the anterior part of the hand, the opisthenar area (dorsal) is the corresponding area on the posterior part of the hand. the heel of the hand is the area anteriorly to the bases of the metacarpal bones,.
Parts of the hand: useful hand parts names with pictures, Hand parts names thumb. index finger. middle finger. ring finger. little finger. palm. wrist. knuckle. fingernail..

Hand anatomy |, What parts make up the hand; how those parts work together; important structures. the important structures of the hand can be divided into several categories. these include. bones and joints; ligaments and tendons; muscles; nerves; blood vessels; the front, or palm-side, of the hand is referred to as the palmar side. the back of the hand is called the dorsal side..
Parts of a hand – fairview, Hands are made up of more bones and moving parts than most other areas of the body. when they’re healthy, these parts all work together. they do a large number of tasks. hands do everything from very delicate movements to feats of strength..
Palm anatomy, function & diagram | body maps, The palm comprises the underside of the human hand. also known as the broad palm or metacarpus, it consists of the area between the five phalanges (finger bones) and the carpus (wrist joint)..

Paresthesia: causes of pins and needles, numbness, and, Paresthesia is caused by pressure on a nerve. when that pressure is gone — you uncross your legs, for example — the feeling goes away. but in some cases, it doesn’t go away. or if it does, it.
Hand pain: symptoms, signs, causes & treatment, Learn about the causes of hand pain, and learn about medications used in the treatment of sore hands. associated symptoms and signs include numbness, tingling, and swelling. pinpoint your symptoms and signs with medicinenet’s symptom checker..
Parts of the hand often missed in handwashing, Parts of the hand often missed in handwashing palm-side back-side most missed often missed missed usually washed.