Most Common Complications Of Diabetes?

Put brakes diabetes complications | features, Nerve damage (neuropathy): one of the most common diabetes complications, nerve damage can cause numbness and pain. nerve damage most often affects the feet and legs but can also affect your digestion, blood vessels, and heart..
Type 2 diabetes complications prevent , 6 complications of type 2 diabetes you need to know 1. heart disease. paying attention to the main risk factors for heart disease, and addressing them, may help decrease 2. stroke. people with type 2 diabetes are 1.5 times more likely to have a stroke than people who don’t have the 3. kidney.
What common complications type 2 diabetes, Complications of type 2 diabetes can affect many parts of the body, including the eyes, heart, kidneys, nerves, and feet. your administration will include audits for all these areas. to keep up to date and remember when and how often you take the test, you need to know the annual care cycle..

Statistics diabetes complications – diabetics weekly, #1 type diabetes common. 90 – 95% diagnoses type diabetes. 1 10 americans type diabetes, aware . #2 diabetes neuropathy common complication..

Statistics About Diabetes Complications

The common complications diabetes – health tips, Diabetes root complications spoil entire life sufferer. skin infections common detected fungal bacterial infections. infections occur cholesterol level high..

The Most Common Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes – symptoms – mayo clinic, Possible complications include: cardiovascular disease. diabetes dramatically increases risk cardiovascular problems, including coronary nerve damage (neuropathy). excess sugar injure walls tiny blood vessels (capillaries) nourish kidney damage.