labeled dissected rat

Frog dissection, labeled images | the biology corner, Photos taken from a frog dissection with organs labeled..
Rat dissection step 7 – the biology corner, Dissection of the rat focusing on the urogenital system, images include labels of the kidney, teste, ovary, uterus, and vagina..
Virtual rat dissection step by step – champaign unit 4 schools, This is a walk-through of the rat dissection with photos showing the key features of the rat. it is useful for a review or for students who cannot participate in.

Rat Anatomy Dissection

Advanced rat dissection biokit® |, Featuring carolina’s perfect solution® specimens the carolina™ biokit® is a single-concept classroom unit that gives students a hands-on approach to biology..
Perch dissection – youtube, Dissection of a perca flavescens for humboldt state university students..
Prof. wilson sheep eye dissection – youtube, Prof. sally wilson dissects a sheep eye for her students in anatomy and physiology 1. recommend all students watch this video prior to attending eye.

Rat Muscle Anatomy

Research ready human, rat and mouse neurons and astrocytes, Easy to use robust and healthy primary human, rat and mouse neurons and astrocytes. just thaw and plate. includes fresh and frozen neural tissue derived from cortex.
Owls and rats, those creatures of the night |, Owls and rats and things that go bump in the night . . . halloween might be perfect timing for your next hands-on dissection activity..
Dissection links – mrs. wood’s biology class, Dissection directions: be the first student to find a good one and you will get extra credit! labeled pictures: