How Did I Get Prediabetes?

So… prediabetes |, If left untreated, prediabetes can progress into type 2 diabetes. and if 1 in 3 american adults has prediabetes, that means it could be you, your favorite sibling, or your other sibling. or you, your barber, your barber’s barber. or you—well, you get the picture. it’s time to take the risk test to know where you stand..
Borderline diabetes: signs – healthline, During the prediabetes phase, your pancreas still produces enough insulin in response to ingested carbohydrates. the insulin is less effective at removing the sugar from the bloodstream, though, so your blood sugar remains high. this condition is called insulin resistance..
How prediabetes? – healing type 2 diabetes, How often do i check my a1c? am i going to go blind because of prediabetes? what should a diabetic eat? say goodbye to diabetes; why do i need insulin if i have type 2 diabetes? what are the best fruits for prediabetes? random entries.

Diagnosing diabetes learning prediabetes, Doctors refer prediabetes impaired glucose tolerance (igt) impaired fasting glucose (ifg), depending test detected. condition puts higher risk developing type 2 diabetes cardiovascular disease..
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5 ways prevent prediabetes type 2, If prediabetes, means blood sugar levels consistently higher normal, high diagnosed diabetes. prediabetes puts higher–normal risk developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke..