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Family doctor, Why measure hba1c levels? hba1c levels are usually ordered by doctors in one of these 3 situations: when they want to screen a patient for diabetes.
Hba1c conversion tables – new zealand society for the, Hba1c conversion tables nzssd sept 2011 hba1c old hba1c new hba1c new hba1c old % mmol/mol mmol/mol % 4.0 20 20 4.0 4.5 26 25 4.4 5.0 31 30 4.9 5.5 37 35 5.4.

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Hba1c standardisation destination – global ifcc, Hba 1c standardisation destination – global ifcc standardisation how, why, where and when.
Glucose to hba1c calculator – mpr, A calculator for converting mean plasma glucose into hba1c..

My doctor says an hba1c of anything under 7.0 is normal, I would say your hba1c is in the prediabetic range. many doctors only care about fasting and yours is good. it is good you started to test and see how high you spike.
Accuracy of hba1c test challenged – renal and urology news, The gold standard for measuring glucose control, the hemoglobin a1c (hba1c) test, may be inaccurate in diabetic patients on hemodialysis, according to a new study..
A1c : the test – lab tests online, Describes how the a1c test is used, when an a1c test is ordered, and what the results of an a1c test might mean.