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First full body transplant is two years away, surgeon, A surgeon says full-body transplants could become a reality in just two years. sergio canavero, a doctor in turin, italy, has drawn up plans to graft a living person.
How 3-d printing body parts will revolutionize medicine, A device the size of an espresso machine quietly whirs to life. the contraption isn’t filled with fresh, pungent grounds but, instead, spoonfuls of opaque.
Google’s new moonshot project: the human body – wsj, Google has embarked on what may be its most ambitious and difficult science project ever: a quest inside the human body. wsj’s alistair barr joins lunch.

Human Body Systems Functions and Organs

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Body – definition of body by the free dictionary, Bod·y (bŏd′ē) n. pl. bod·ies 1. a. the entire material or physical structure of an organism, especially of a human or animal. b. the physical aspect of a person.
How the body works main page – kids health, The human body is an amazing machine. learn more about it through movies, quizzes, articles, and more..

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Bme: tattoo, piercing and body modification news, Hello bme community, a popular uk primetime tv series is looking for modified people to take part. the series is about body modification desire and regret and looks.
The national library of medicine’s visible human project, The visible human project ® overview. the visible human project ® is an outgrowth of the nlm’s 1986 long-range plan. it is the creation of complete, anatomically.
Earthing: health implications of reconnecting the human, Earthing: health implications of reconnecting the human body to the earth’s surface electrons.