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Alimentary canal – definition of alimentary canal by the, Alimentary canal n. the digestive tract. alimentary canal or alimentary tract n 1. (anatomy) the tubular passage extending from the mouth to the anus, through which.
Canal – definition of canal by the free dictionary, Canal llangollen canal, wales ca·nal (kə-năl′) n. 1. an artificial waterway or artificially improved river used for travel, shipping, or irrigation. 2. anatomy a.
Canal – definition of canal by medical dictionary, Canal /ca·nal/ (kah-nal´) a relatively narrow tubular passage or channel. adductor canal a fascial tunnel in the middle third of the medial part of the thigh.

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Alimentary tract – definition of alimentary tract by, Among the topics are the physical examination, infectious diseases, alimentary tract disorders, respiratory disorders, muscle and neuromuscular junction disorders.
Canal – definition and more from the free merriam-webster, Full definition of canal 1 : a tubular anatomical passage or channel : duct 2 : channel, watercourse 3 : an artificial waterway for navigation or for draining or.
Human gastrointestinal tract – wikipedia, the free, "intestine" and "alimentary canal" redirect here. for the animal alimentary canal in general, see gut (anatomy)..

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Anatomy of the digestive system glossary of terms with, Anatomy of the digestive system medical glossary includes a list of anatomy of the digestive system related medical definitions from the medical dictionary.
Canal dictionary definition | canal defined, The definition of a canal is a river or man-made channel of water used for transportation..
Digestive system, gastrointestinal system, alimentary canal, Digestive system, gastrointestinal system, alimentary canal the gastro-intestinal system is probably my favorite of all the body systems, which is why i treated.