Blood Sugar So High He Could Not Speak! Now Near Normal!

Why high blood sugar eaten, After entering the bloodstream, the starches, which have been converted into sugars during the digestion process, cause your blood sugar, or glucose, to rise. when the blood sugar increases, the pancreas secretes insulin. insulin helps most tissues of the body absorb and use the sugar. only the brain and liver are not dependent on insulin..

High blood sugar levels morning: prevention, Blood sugar: hidden high blood sugar levels morning high blood sugar morning caused somogyi effect, condition called "rebound hyperglycemia." caused dawn phenomenon, result combination natural body ..
20 reasons blood sugar swings (. 11 surprise !), High-fat foods blood sugar stay longer. true pizza, french fries, goodies lot carbs fat. check blood sugar 2 hours.
What blood test results "normal, If result 9.1 mg/dl, middle, feel confident calcium level normal. blood test result high normal, slightly normal range? red flag? “don’ jump conclusions,” warns dr. salamon..

What to do when blood test results are not quite “normal”