Blood sugar 279

Blood sugar 279 mg/dl – good or bad? –, Blood sugar 279 mg/dl (15.48mmol/l) – is that good or bad? we help you interpret your blood sugar values. you have tested your blood sugar and the result was 279 mg/dl..
My blood sugar is 279, how bad is that? | yahoo answers, My blood sugar is 279, how bad is that? i’m 25- and have no medical insurance, so i haven’t seen a doctor in about eight years. the funny thing is that i strictly drink only sugar free drinks, and never have sweets! i don’t eat very often either. i checked my sugar on my father’s blood tester (he’s 77 and has diabetes) and at the time.
Blood sugar level 250-400 m/dl after eating – how to beat, Blood sugar levels 250-400 mg/dl after eating – treatment the treatment strategy includes medical therapy and therapeutic lifestyle changes. the first-line therapy is medical therapy, following the prescription by your doctor especially for you..

What to do if my blood sugar is 279 | diabetes inc., Blood sugar – angelfire: welcome to angelfire, most of the food we eat is broken down into glucose, the form of sugar in the blood. glucose is the main source of fuel for the body. after digestion, glucose passes..
Is 277 blood sugar dangerous – doctor answers on, Hello! it is very high level of sugar in blood and if it stays so high for some time ,it can cause serious damage in blood vessels and nerves affecting every organ. you should consult an endocrinologist and start a treatment..
279 reading an hour after eating – healthboards, 279 reading an hour after eating hello, my sister had a glucose monitor and we tested our levels after eating dinner a few nights ago (about an hour after eating) just for the heck of it..

Diabetes mistakes: how to wreck your blood sugar – webmd, Common mistakes can take a toll on your body if you have type 2 diabetes that’s not under control. blood sugar levels that aren’t regulated can cause irreparable damage. webmd explains..
Hyperglycemia in diabetes – symptoms and causes – mayo clinic, If blood sugar rises high enough or for a prolonged period of time, it can lead to two serious conditions. diabetic ketoacidosis. diabetic ketoacidosis develops when you don’t have enough insulin in your body. when this happens, sugar (glucose) can’t enter your cells for energy..