Berry Good News: Blueberries May Cut Diabetes Risk

Berry good news: blueberries may cut diabetes risk – type, Load up your fruit basket! a new study finds blueberries, apples, and other flavonoid-rich produce may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 23 percent..
Chocolate, tea, berries may cut diabetes risk: study – webmd, Tuesday, jan. 21, 2014 (healthday news) — a diet that includes substances found in chocolate, tea and berries could help protect people against diabetes.
Chocolate, wine, & berries may protect against type 2 diabetes, Good news for chocolate and wine lovers. new research suggests that consuming high levels of flavonoids, found in foods such as chocolate, tea, berries and wine, may.

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Blueberries – the world’s healthiest foods, In terms of u.s. fruit consumption, blueberries rank only second to strawberries in popularity of berries. blueberries are not only popular, but also repeatedly.
The best berries for your health – breaking news and, By angela haupt for u.s. news. indeed, they’re "the ultimate anti-aging superfood," says registered dietitian lauri boone in her new book, "powerful plant.
Eating berries benefits the brain – sciencedaily: news, Strong scientific evidence exists that eating blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and other berry fruits has beneficial effects on the brain and may help prevent.

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Eating berries may activate the brain’s natural, Scientists have reported the first evidence that eating blueberries, strawberries, and acai berries may help the aging brain stay healthy in a crucial but previously.
9 amazing health benefits of berries – diet and nutrition, Berries could boost heart health. even people with a strong inherited risk for heart disease may find that a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, including berries.
Wheat berries : bay area bites – kqed public media for, This is an awesome wheatberry salad recipe (from weight watchers, but anyone would like it). 1 cup(s) uncooked wheat berries 3 medium scallion(s), thinly sliced.